MERN Stack React ,Redux ,Node ,Mongo – Pizza Delivery App

MERN Stack React ,Redux ,Node ,Mongo – Pizza Delivery App Free Download. Build a Complete MERN Pizza Delivery application from scratch with React , Node , Express

MERN Stack React ,Redux ,Node ,Mongo – Pizza Delivery App Description

MERN is one of several variations of the MEAN stack (MongoDB Express Angular Node), where the traditional Angular.js frontend framework is replaced with React.js. Other variants include MEVN (MongoDB, Express, Vue, Node), and really any frontend JavaScript framework can work.

Express and Node make up the middle (application) tier. Express.js is a server-side web framework, and Node.js the popular and powerful JavaScript server platform. Regardless of which variant you choose, ME(RVA)N is the ideal approach to working with JavaScript and JSON, all the way through.


  • Javascript Basics
  • React Basics
  • Node Basics

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What you’ll learn

  • Advanced Topics in React
  • Redux
  • Redux Thunk
  • Performing Asynchronus operations with redux-thunk
  • Managing State with Redux
  • Cart Functionality
  • Common Payment Gateway Integration
  • User Authentication
  • Filtering Items in Redux State
  • Deploying Application to HEROKU

Who this course is for:

  • React Developers
  • MERN Stack Developers
  • JavaScript Developers
  • Node Developers

MERN Stack React ,Redux ,Node ,Mongo – Pizza Delivery App Free Download



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