Mathematics for Computer Games Development using Unity

Mathematics for Computer Games Development using Unity. A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms used in Game Programming applied in Unity

Did you know computer games use mathematics to perform every single task, from rendering to animation and physics to AI?  Mathematics is everywhere.  A fundamental understanding of mathematics is critical in every occupation and nowhere is it more important than in games development. It underpins all primary operations performed by a game engine.  You can’t even move a character across the screen without it.  Keen to learn more and build up your knowledge in mathematics to improve your game development skills?  Then this course is for you.

In this course you will build your own C# classes to work with the geometrical constructs of 2D and 3D space that will develop your understanding of positioning and moving game objects. In short you will build your own maths library to replicate some of Unity’s Vector2, Vector3, Matrix4x4 and some Mathf methods.  Throughout, we will be using the Unity Game Engine to help emphasise the mathematics concepts.

Mathematics for Computer Games Development using Unity Description


  • Familiarity with the Unity Game Engine
  • Confidence in programming with C#
  • Mathematics skills to high school level (basic trigonometry and algebra).

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What you’ll learn

  • How to use bitwise operations to optimise processing and storage in games.
  • Everything there is to know about vector mathematics and how to navigate in 2D and 3D space.
  • The principles and practice behind collision detection with lines, line segments and ray casting.
  • The beauty of affine transformations and the fundamentals in transforming game objects.
  • What a quaternion is and how it is used to rotate game objects.
  • How to build a mathematics library in C# from scratch.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner game development students who want to be able to understand the mathematics behind game engines.
  • Skilled programmers keen to move into 2D and 3D game development spaces.
  • Game development enthusiasts who want a deeper understanding of how mathematics is applied in games.
  • Anyone with an appreciation of mathematics who wants to investigate how it is applied in computer game environments.

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