Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB Free Download

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB Free Download. Deep dive into MongoDB concepts with SpringBoot while acquiring hands on experience

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB Description


  • Exposure to Spring Framework
  • Average Java8 skills
  • Nice to have any document or relational DB experience

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What you’ll learn

  • MongoDB Architecture with ReplicaSets
  • Setup MongoDB ReplicaSets with Docker
  • Implement REST Apis with MongoDB and SpringBoot
  • Version Management and Concurrent Updates with MongoDB and SpringBoot
  • Deep Dive into MongoDB Query Language with SpringBoot
  • MongoDB Indexing with SpringBoot
  • FullText Search with MongoDB and SpringBoot
  • MongoDB GridFS with SpringBoot
  • MongoDB Transactions with SpringBoot
  • Advanced Querying such as aggregate based lookup,unwind project operations with SpringBoot
  • MongoDB Data Modeling best practices
  • Manage extremely large documents with MongoDB
  • Enable SSL in MongoDB ReplicaSet
  • Enable SSL in SpringBoot Applications for MongoDB SSL Connectivity

Who this course is for:

  • Document Database enthusiastics
  • SpringBoot developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Database Designers

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB Free Download

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