Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB Free Download. Deep dive into MongoDB concepts with SpringBoot while acquiring hands on experience

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB Description


  • Exposure to Spring Framework
  • Average Java8 skills
  • Nice to have any document or relational DB experience

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What you’ll learn

  • MongoDB Architecture with ReplicaSets
  • Setup MongoDB ReplicaSets with Docker
  • Implement REST Apis with MongoDB and SpringBoot
  • Version Management and Concurrent Updates with MongoDB and SpringBoot
  • Deep Dive into MongoDB Query Language with SpringBoot
  • MongoDB Indexing with SpringBoot
  • FullText Search with MongoDB and SpringBoot
  • MongoDB GridFS with SpringBoot
  • MongoDB Transactions with SpringBoot
  • Advanced Querying such as aggregate based lookup,unwind project operations with SpringBoot
  • MongoDB Data Modeling best practices
  • Manage extremely large documents with MongoDB
  • Enable SSL in MongoDB ReplicaSet
  • Enable SSL in SpringBoot Applications for MongoDB SSL Connectivity

Who this course is for:

  • Document Database enthusiastics
  • SpringBoot developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Database Designers

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB Free Download

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