Mastering Microcontroller and Embedded Driver Development

Mastering Microcontroller and Embedded Driver Development

Mastering Microcontroller and Embedded Driver Development Free Download. (MCU1) Learn bare-metal driver development using Embedded C: Writing drivers for STM32 GPIO, I2C, SPI, USART from scratch

Mastering Microcontroller and Embedded Driver Development Description

Learning Embedded System Programming can be a challenge. Since it’s a relatively complex field, there’s no actual gold standard yet for how things are practiced, or taught, which can frustrate people who are just trying to learn new things and couldn’t connect the dots. This is the motivation behind creating this course to help engineers and students learn different aspects of embedded systems by providing high-quality advanced lectures at a relatively low price.


  • Basic knowledge of C programming
  • If you are completely new to MCU and C programming language then you are advised to finish our “Embedded C” course for absolute beginners first

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Right ways of Handling and programming MCU Peripherals
  • Develop Peripheral drivers for your Microcontroller
  • Understand complete Driver Development steps right from scratch for GPIO, SPI, I2C and USART.
  • Learn Writing peripheral driver headers, prototyping APIs, and implementation
  • Explore MCU datasheets, Reference manuals, start-up Codes to get things done
  • Learn the Right ways of handling/configuring Interrupts for various peripherals
  • Learn about Peripheral IRQs/Vector table/NVIC interfaces and many
  • Learn about Configuration/status/Control registers of various Peripherals
  • Demystifying behind the scene working details of SPI, I2C, GPIOs, USART, etc.
  • Explore hidden secrets of MCU bus interfaces, clock sources, MCU clock configurations, etc.
  • Understand the right ways of enabling/configuring peripheral clocks/serial clocks/baud rates of various serial protocols
  • Learn about MCUs AHB, APB bus protocols
  • Learn about different MCU clocks like HCLK, PCLK, PLL, etc
  • Learn to capture/decode/analyze traces of serial protocols on a Logic analyzer
  • Learn about Quick ways of debugging peripheral issues with case studies

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals interested in exploring Embedded systems
  • Hobbyists and students who want to start their career in the Embedded world
  • If you think about ’embedded’ then think about taking this course. you will not be disappointed
  • This Course may not be suitable for those people who are looking for quick prototyping using boards such as Arduino

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Mastering Microcontroller and Embedded Driver Development Free Download



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