Master D3.js for Data Visualisation | 25+ Projects | FEB-21

Master D3.js for Data Visualisation | 25+ Projects | FEB-21

Master D3.js for Data Visualisation | 25+ Projects | FEB-21 Free Download. Learn D3 (LATEST v6.3, as of Dec 2020) in Depth and Create Brilliant Data Visualisations

Master D3.js for Data Visualisation | 25+ Projects | FEB-21 Description

This is a course that aims to build a step-by-step approach towards mastering the D3.js library. D3.js is a data visualisation library for the web browser. The course starts with the basics of SVG, the building block of charts and graphs (D3.js library makes use of SVG elements to represent the data in a graphical format in the web browser).


  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript

Coursera – Software Design and Architecture Specialization

What you’ll learn

  • Work on the library version 6.3.1 (as of December, 2020)
  • Start from the fundamentals of SVG, that forms the main aspect of creating D3 based charts and graphs
  • Gain a wide range of exposure towards charts and graphs (vertical bar charts, horizontal bar charts, bubble charts, stacked charts, grouped charts, scatter plots, line charts, area charts, radial charts, pie charts, donut charts, and put charts together in a single dashboard!)
  • Understand the basics (behind the scenes) about D3 and know how D3 goes about doing its job
  • Work with D3 objects to build a deeper understanding of the library
  • Learn 12 core modules that can help you build a majority of chart and graph types
  • Learn more than 100 different methods(functions) from 12 different modules (also called as micro-libraries)
  • Build more than 25 different projects with 22 unique projects
  • Build 22 unique projects that do not repeat the data or the visual representation
  • Learn how to conceptualise the chart creation process through the projects
  • Work with data from the real world, while creating the projects
  • Learn about adding interactivity and animation to the charts and graphs
  • Prepare yourself to take up large scale personal or professional challenges/needs
  • Strengthen your position as a data visualisation person in the field of analysis, consulting, analytics or data science

Who this course is for:

  • Developers, Engineers, Analysts, Researchers, Academicians, Scientists, Designers or Illustrators that are looking to creating amazing data visualisations
  • Anyone looking for a step by step approach of using the D3 library
  • Anyone who is looking to understand how data visualisation happens in the web
  • Anyone looking to gain confidence in using D3 and build any type of charts or graphs that are present in the real world

Master D3.js for Data Visualisation | 25+ Projects | FEB-21 Free Download

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