Machine Learning Master Course – Codingblocks

Machine Learning Master Course - Codingblocks

Machine Learning Master Course – Codingblocks Free Download. Master Machine Learning techniques by building 20 mini projects!

Machine Learning Master Course – Codingblocks Description

This online Machine Learning course by Coding Blocks is one of its kind. The course comprising of over 200 recorded tutorials and 20 mini projects for teaching, boasts of an all-exhaustive and highly comprehensive curriculum. The Machine Learning online course starts with the essentials of Python, gradually moving towards to concepts of advanced algorithms and finally into the cores of Machine Learning.

With our key focus being the live projects, we dive deeper into the fundamentals of classical algorithms and deep neural networks enabling the students to work out optimising solutions to the real-world problems. It is just a matter of weeks before the students actually begin building intelligent systems, working on AI algorithms and data crunching. As a part of these online Machine Learning classes, a detailed overview of the programming fundamentals and Python Basics would be covered with the students so as to make them grasp the concepts of Machine Learning quickly and effortlessly.

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Prior programming experience & OOPS concepts in any language is a must, knowledge of Python is recommended but not mandatory.

Machine Learning Master Course – Codingblocks Free Download


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