LiveLessons – DevOps Key Concepts

LiveLessons – DevOps Key Concepts

LiveLessons – DevOps Key Concepts Free Download. Learn DevOps key concepts, including its values, principles, and, at a high level, its practices. With this in mind, understand why the business is driving DevOps and where and how to start achieving a DevOps transformation.

LiveLessons – DevOps Key Concepts Description

In this course, you learn the key concepts–the what and why–of DevOps. Join Donna Knapp, curriculum development manager for ITSM Academy, to learn how this movement is enabling organizations to establish workplace cultures and environments that enable them to continuously deliver software rapidly, frequently, and reliably. Explore the business benefits of DevOps through real-world examples paired with industry statistics. Also, dive into the relationship between DevOps and other frameworks, such as Agile, Lean, IT service management (ITSM), DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and Value Stream Management.

Learn How To

* Get a high-level understanding of DevOps, including its culture, practices, and automation aspects * Understand the benefits and results that organizations can realize by adopting DevOps * Learn how to improve the flow of work between Dev and Ops * Explore the relationship between DevOps and other frameworks such as Agile, Lean, IT Service Management, and Site Reliability Engineering * Start building a DevOps environment at your organization

Who Should Take This Course

Early to mid-career software developers, engineers, IT operations teams, or anyone involved in application development; managed service providers; service management process owners, process managers, managers, and business stakeholders. Course Requirements Some familiarity with modern software engineering and IT operations practices are desirable but not required.

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LiveLessons – DevOps Key Concepts Free Download



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