Laravel Vuejs Restful API course

Laravel Vuejs Restful API course

Laravel Vuejs Restful API course Free Download. Learn Basic Larave 8 , Vuejs, Restful Api Fundamentals Then Together All, Create Inventory Management System Project

Laravel Vuejs Restful API course Description


  • You have to know Basic PHP
  • Basic Laravel Functions
  • Basic HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Local Server : Xampp/Wampp/Vertrigo/Mamp
  • Text Editor/IDE: Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Netbeans, PHPStrom, Atom etc

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What you’ll learn

  • Create Complete Inventory System
  • Basic Laravel 7 Fundamentals
  • Basic Vuejs Fundamentals
  • Basic RESTful API Fundamentals
  • JWT Token Authentication
  • Project Add to Cart Option
  • VueJs Filter Options
  • VueJs Vue CLI
  • VueJs Events Methods
  • Create Rest API for Project
  • Product Search Option
  • Product Report Option
  • JWT Implement in Project
  • Create Components for Project
  • Product Stock Management
  • Employee Salary System Option.
  • Image Intervention With Validation

Who this course is for:

  • People looking for web programming jobs should take this course
  • Students who want to take their programming skills to another level should take this course
  • This course is for beginners to advanced laravel developers who want to increase their skills
  • University Project Assignment
  • Who want to become Full Stack Developer
  • Anyone who want to know how to use JWT

Laravel Vuejs Restful API course Free Download

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