Laravel Package Training – Learn to create Laravel packages

Laravel Package Training – Learn to create Laravel packages Free Download. Become the next package maestro

Laravel Package Training – Learn to create Laravel packages Description

For all functionality that is added to a package, you’ll learn how to automatically test it, both locally and via GitHub Actions. This way you can build a beautiful and maintainable package that your co-workers, clients, and the community can rely on.
All videos are available in our online course environment, where you can track your progress.

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  1. Building a framework agnostic PHP package
    • Using the Spatie PHP package skeleton to get started building an agnostic package
    • Adding a first class to the package
    • Testing a package using PHPUnit
    • Automatically fix code style issues locally
    • Running the tests on GitHub actions
    • Fixing code style issues using GitHub Actions
    • Using Psalm to analyse and detect problems with your code
    • Generating code coverage reports using Xdebug
    • Supporting multiple PHP versions
    • Using semantic versioning
    • Keeping a changelog
    • Registering the package on Packagist
    • Publishing a new release on GitHub
    • Taking care of community contributions
  2. Building a Laravel package
    • Using the Spatie Laravel package skeleton to get started building a Laravel specific package
    • Adding a config file to the package
    • Adding an artisan command
    • Adding models and migrations to the package and how to automatically test them
    • Adding routes, controllers and views in a way that they don’t conflict with application routes
    • Running the tests of the Laravel package on GitHub Actions
    • Using MySQL in the package tests and on GitHub Actions
    • Testing artisan commands using PHPUnit and Orchestra Testbench
    • Testing routes, controllers and views
    • Supporting multiple PHP and Laravel versions of your package
    • Developing a Laravel package inside a full Laravel application
    • A whopping 90 minute live coding video where we bring together the knowledge of the entire course to build a real life package from scratch. Watch Freek code and explain his thought process.
  3. Source diving Spatie packages
    • laravel-tail: how to package up a simple artisan command to reuse in all your projects and share with the community
    • laravel-medialibrary: learn how we structured this big package to keep it maintainable
    • laravel-multitenancy: this source dive shows how a complicated package can remain lightweight. Lots of things to learn about the Laravel internals too.
    • laravel-short-schedule: during this source dive you’ll get an intro into React PHP and learn how you can write tests for a never ending event loop.
    • laravel-collection-macros: see how we split up large classes into several smaller ones
    • laravel-responsecache: this popular package can make any Laravel application much faster. Learn how we use middleware to achieve this

Laravel Package Training – Learn to create Laravel packages Free Download


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