Laravel Multi User Blogging Platform with SEO (2 projects)

Laravel Multi User Blogging Platform with SEO (2 projects) Free Download. Learn, understand and master Laravel PHP Framework. Build Multi User Blogging Platform by the end of this course.

This course will teach you Fundamentals of Laravel, The Worlds most Popular Web Framework while Building Multi User Blogging Platform with SEO” You will be building similar project but with additional features. Great for learning by building one project and repeating another while learning to add additional features.

Laravel Multi User Blogging Platform with SEO (2 projects) Description


  • Basic knowledge of PHP along with HTML and CSS.
  • Local development environment setup and ready for building laravel/PHP applications
  • Be able to create fresh install of laravel

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn, understand and develop dynamic web applications using Laravel PHP Framework
  • Build your own production ready Multi User Blogging Platform (with SEO) by the end of this course
  • Understand OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Laravel Eloquent Relationships
  • Model – Working with models and understand how they communicate with database
  • Views – Working with Blade templating system
  • MVC (Model, View, Controller) Pattern
  • HTML forms – Working with plain HTML forms
  • CRUD Operation – Create, Read, Update, Delete
  • Laravel Routing – Route parameters, Named routes, Route resource
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Implement Trash, Restore, Permanent Delete and Draft features
  • Implement User Roles – Admin, Author, Subscriber
  • Authorization, Permission and Restriction
  • Using Middlewares to secure application
  • Image Uploads
  • User Profile
  • Flash Messages
  • Pretty URL
  • Mass Email
  • Contact Form
  • Disqus commenting system
  • Facebook Login
  • Pagination
  • Search
  • Deploy to Shared Hosting

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for PHP Developers (including Beginners) who want to start building Powerful Web Applications using Laravel Framework.

Laravel Multi User Blogging Platform with SEO (2 projects) Free Download

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