Laanscapes – Northern Lights Processing Video

Laanscapes – Northern Lights Processing Video
Laanscapes – Northern Lights Processing Video Free Download. This package consists of three videos, a PSD-file, a Lightroom preset and even an in-depth article in which we up your game in your entire workflow of aurora photography.

Laanscapes – Northern Lights Processing Video Description

What’s Included?

  • Video 1: Captioned Aurora post-processing video using the only Lightroom

  • Video 2: Captioned Pre-processing a focus stack in Lightroom or Camera Raw and merging it together in Photoshop

  • Video 3: Captioned Post-Processing of our result from video 2, using all the latest techniques

  • Lightroom Preset: One-click processing of the northern lights (use this as a starting point and save hours of your time)

  • 3000+ word article that helps to forecast, shoot and process the northern lights

  • PSD-file (resized) of “The Night and the Silent Water” with every adjustment still present

  • Readme file linking to additional tools

This really is a complete tutorial and I trust this will get you to the next level in post-processing not just the aurora, but many more landscape subjects as well.


What Will I Learn?

There’s FOUR HOURS of video material, in which you will learn:

  • Creating a great looking image using just Lightroom

  • Using Lightroom to pre-process a focus stack

  • Aligning for Focus Stacking in Photoshop

  • Blending a Focus Stack automatically and by hand

  • Combining the best parts of a stack

  • Creative Controlled Warping

  • Dodging for detail

  • Aurora dodging

  • Bringing back red aurora

  • Luminosity Selections (RGB Channels and Tony Kuyper’s luminosity masks)

  • Cloning

  • Post-Processing for a dramatic film-look

  • Orton effect creation and control

  • Dodging stars

  • Export for the Web

Laanscapes – Northern Lights Processing Video Free Download




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