Jab Jab Javascript - Learn Javascript With Tenzin

JabJabJavascript – Learn Javascript With Tenzin

JabJabJavascript™ is the best Javascript course on the planet. Period. This course is the perfect intersection between theory and practicality.


JabJabJavascript – Learn Javascript With Tenzin Description

You’ll get these lessons in a 15-20+ module, online video course that covers the ENTIRE process of going from a javascript-newbie to an intermediate developer and sets you on a clear path to becoming an advanced developer.

You’ll learn through the exact roadmap and rigorous curriculum that I have developed after teaching hundreds of students and dozens of boot campers. My curriculum is heavily influenced by the programs of top coding bootcamps like HackReactor, FullStack Academy, App Academy etc.

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You’ll learn by building real-world components and projects. And when I say real-world, I actually mean it. Most courses try to sell you by using this headline, but these courses often have mediocre projects that isn’t even applicable when you are working on a bigger application.

You’ll learn the whathowand the why of every custom component and project we will be building from scratch. Every single of piece of thing you’re going to be building with this course has a purpose.

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