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Iamtimcorey Courses Collection

Iamtimcorey Courses Collection

List of courses on the Iamtimcorey site:

1. Getting Started with Docker

This course answers all of those questions. In fact, those questions are answered in the free introduction to the course.

Learn how to install Docker on your machine, how to build a docker file, how to use the command line, how to use Docker with ASP.NET Core, and more in this comprehensive introduction.

2. Foundation in C# Getting Started

Learning C# requires a good foundation. That sets you up for writing better code faster with less bugs. This first module gets you started into the overall course. Learn how to configure and use Visual Studio, learn the basic rules of C#, and get prepared to start building applications. You will also get an overview of the entire course (sold in modules).

3. Foundation in C# Debugging

One of the most important things you can learn as a developer is how to find and fix problems. This course covers how to do that and what tools are available to make your job easier.

4. Foundation in C# Common Syntax

Learn the basic parts of C# that you will use in every application you ever write. Get these things right and you will set yourself up for a great future.

5. Foundation in C# Common Project Types

Knowing how to use the various project types in C# can be difficult, especially as they keep changing and improving. This course covers the major project types that are currently used today. Most project types covered are based upon .NET Core 3.0, including WPF Core, ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, ASP.NET Core MVC, and ASP.NET Core API. The course also covers unit testing, WinForms, and the three major types of class libraries (.NET Standard, .NET Framework, and .NET Core).

Beyond covering nine different project types, this course also offers six different mini-projects to help solidify what you are learning about each project type. These mini-projects will push your skills and grow your knowledge about the project you are learning about. With over 10 hours of video teaching, this course takes the time to teach you more than just the basics about each project type. Instead, you also learn about the configuration of the project, how the “magic” works, what the best practices are, and what pitfalls to avoid.

6. Foundation in C# Battleship Project

This is where theory meets practice. You have learned quite a bit in the first four courses. Now in this course, we will put all of that together into one full application. The application is called Battleship Lite. It is a small console game that will help you understand how to plan out and execute a full application build. This course will help you strengthen your real-world skills so that you are prepared to do this on a larger scale.

7. Upgrading to .NET Core from Start to Finish

 It is time to get your projects upgraded from the .NET Framework to .NET Core before they fall further behind. In this course, you will get the following knowledge upgrades:

To make this as real-world as possible, we will be taking the Tournament Tracker application with all three user interfaces and using it as a starting point for our upgrading. The project is built upon .NET Framework 4.5.2 (except the MVC project, which is .NET Framework 4.7.2). Learn how to move to .NET Core in the messy real-world, not just a sterile demo environment.

8. TimCo Retail Manager Phase 1 Description

Businesses today are using .NET Framework in their applications. Moving forward, they are going to need to upgrade to .NET Core. Will you be ready? This course works hard to make you ready. We build a real-world .NET Framework application then, in the culmination of the course, we upgrade everything to .NET Core.

Note that this course is available on YouTube for free. This paid course provides everything from the YouTube course plus all of the source code, downloadable lessons, a certificate of completion, and more. Note that this course ends after the upgrade to .NET Core. The YouTube course will continue with new features and options. An add-on course may be offered in the future to gain access to those lessons and the source as well.

9. Getting Started with .NET Core

Everything done in this course will be cross-platform compatible. That means you can also develop these applications using a Mac or Linux machine. All of the demonstrations in this course were done with Visual Studio 2019 but they can also be done in Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio for Mac.

10. Exploring C#: Blazor WebAssembly

This course does two things.

First, This course teaches you about five key topics in Blazor WebAssembly, including componentscustom CSSProgressive Web Apps (PWAs)Localization, and JavaScript Interop (the ability to call JavaScript from C#).

Second, this course also teaches you how to learn those topics as if you were learning on your own. It goes through the cycle of identifying a cool feature in a code sample, figuring out how it works, tweaking it to see what it can do, and then creating a sample project to practice what you have learned.

11. Blazor Server: In Depth

Blazor Server: In Depth is a course designed to give you a deep understanding of how Blazor Server works and how you can make it work for you.

This course will go step-by-step through Blazor Server. You will learn all the major components you need to know to use Blazor Server in the real world.

Along the way, you will get the opportunity to practice everything you learn with homework assignments that are presented up front and then completed at the end. This will give you a chance to do it yourself and see how it could be done.

By the time you have completed this course, you will have a very deep grasp of Blazor Server, how to configure it, and how to use it in real-world scenarios.

12. .NET Core AppSettings In Depth

We will dive deep into how to configure your application settings.

We cover AppSetting Basics, Tweaking AppSettings (covering enivronments, changing hierarchy, and more), Advanced AppSettings (environment variables, custom JSON, and others), Settings Security (reviewing user secrets, Azure app replacement, Azure Key Vault and that’s not all).

This course clears away the confusion of all of these different ways to configure your app and empowers you to confidently make the right decision for your situation.

13. Tournament Tracker Add-on WPF with MVVM User Interface

Want to learn how to build a WPF application in the real world? This course builds upon the idea we started back with our Tournament Tracker application and adds a WPF user interface to the project. Over the seven hours of video teaching, you will see exactly how our application can be changed to fit a modern desktop design.

14. Tournament Tracker Add-on ASP.NET MVC User Interface

Want to learn how to build an ASP.NET MVC application in the real world? This course builds upon the idea we started back with our Tournament Tracker application and adds an MVC user interface to the project. Over the nine hours of video teaching, you will see exactly how our application can be changed to fit a web-based format.

15. Foundation in C# Data Access

Secure your understanding of how to access data with C#. Not just talking to SQL. Nope. Learn how to talk to:

  • SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • CosmosDB
  • Text Files
  • APIs

16. Foundation in C# Hotel Management App

After you have learned a set of topics, you need to put them together into one test project. This course is that test project. In it, we will get a set of requirements and implement them based upon what we have learned in the Foundation in C# courses so far. We will be using

  • OOP
  • Dependency Injection
  • ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
  • WPF Core
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • and a lot more

17. Foundation in C# Career Development

There is more to becoming a paid C# developer than just studying C#. In this series, we will concentrate on how you take this foundation in C# and most effectively use it to take your skills to the next level. Whether you want to get a job, get a better job, or even just continue to learn more about C#, this series will offer you the advice you need to go farther faster.


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