Go Programming (Golang) – The Complete Developers Guide

Go Programming (Golang) – The Complete Developers Guide

Go Programming (Golang) – The Complete Developers Guide Free Download. Learn Golang from scratch, from an industry expert. Build real-world apps

Go Programming (Golang) – The Complete Developers Guide Description

You’ll learn the fundamentals all the way to advanced concurrency so that you go from beginner to being able to get hired as a Go developer!

This Golang course covers all new Go best practices and trends for 2022 and is focused on efficiency. Never spend time on confusing, out-of-date, incomplete tutorials anymore. Instead, we’ll push you beyond the basics so that you can build professional, modern apps using the latest version of Go and become a Go Programmer. Speaking of projects, the final enterprise-level Pixl Art project is sure to impress anyone looking at your portfolio.

What you’ll learn

  • Write clean, bug free Go code using best practices
  • Learn the entire ecosystem of a Go programmer
  • Build massively concurrent programs that scale with Goroutines and Channels
  • Master Go programming from fundamentals all the way to advanced concurrency using goroutines, channels, mutexes + more
  • Learn one of the best programming languages for building performant distributed Microservices
  • Build a Pixl Art cross platform desktop app (+ add it to your portfolio) that will wow employers
  • Create a blazing fast GREP tool that uses multiple goroutines to search for a string within files
  • Have the skills and understanding of Go to confidently apply for Go (Golang) programming jobs

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

  • A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection. That’s it!
  • No prior programming knowledge is required
  • A willingness and enthusiasm to learn the Go programming language

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn programming as a complete beginner
  • Developers who want to learn Golang and be able to add a new skill to their resume and toolkit
  • Beginners who want to get started with programming
  • Anyone that wants to learn Go by building fun, real-world projects that will make your portfolio stand out
  • Students who are stuck in a cycle of tutorials and want to go beyond “beginner” Go tutorials
  • Anyone interested in building microservices using a performant programming language
  • You’re interested in working at companies with large scaling problems that use Go (like Google or Twitch)
  • Bootcamp or online tutorial graduates that want to go beyond the basics
  • You want to learn from an industry professional who actually has real-world industry experience

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Go Programming (Golang) – The Complete Developers Guide Free Download


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