FXPHD – ANI101 – Introduction to Character Animation

FXPHD – ANI101 – Introduction to Character Animation Free Download. This course is aimed at the intermediate 3D software user, and is intended to introduce 3D artists to character animation workflow in a 3D application.

FXPHD – ANI101 – Introduction to Character Animation Description

Taught by Kai Pedersen primarily in Cinema 4D, the program is intended to be platform agnostic, utilizing on common tools and workflows found in most 3D applications while focusing on theory and workflow.

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There are no small exercises to cover the basic principles of animation here; this course will cover a complete shot from start to finish. Users will learn to think about their shot, plan ahead, act out and study reference before diving in and working through each stage of animation from blocking through to a completed shot.

Pedersen has been a Technical Director at his own Vancouver-based boutique, LucentDreams Animation, for several years, working on commercials, films, and even Broadway productions. He has also worked with MAXON Computer as the Technical Support Manager to aid in high-end, studio-level technical support and training for Cinema 4D as well as a MAXON beta tester and demonstration artist for nine years and is considered an expert on Cinema 4D. Currently Pedersen also teaches Cinema 4D and After effects for the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School.

FXPHD – ANI101 – Introduction to Character Animation Free Download

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