FrontendMasters – Introduction to Vue 3

FrontendMasters – Introduction to Vue 3

FrontendMasters – Introduction to Vue 3 Free Download.

FrontendMasters – Introduction to Vue 3 Description

Get started quickly with the Vue.js JavaScript framework. You’ll learn how to build reusable components and make them flexible with props, lifecycles, and slots. Use directives to build functionality with markup and learn to make your own custom directives. And learn what’s new in Vue 3 and how to abstract functionality with the new Composition API!

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What in the course Introduction to Vue 3 learn:

  • Introduction Vue.js as a framework JavaScript
  • Topics related to Directives, Modifiers & Data Rendering includes the v-model Directive, etc. v-if & v-else, etc., v-bind, etc., v-for, etc. v-once & v-pre, etc. Event Bindings & v-on., the v-html & v-text
  • Explaining the hows and function of the method in. Computed Properties, and explain with example about the Watchers
  • Explain the components, ingredients, Props, and slots, along with example
  • The development of the App, Install and use the Vue CLI and using Nuxt with offering the solution and example
  • Talk about the animations and use them with the use of CSS in action, and a variety of dynamic exponential available
  • Check the Composition API, and Custom Directives, and how to use them with examples
  • Use the Vuex to share data, the logic and method of shared oe asynchronous

FrontendMasters – Introduction to Vue 3 Free Download

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