Flipped Normals – Introduction to Sculpting

Flipped Normals – Introduction to Sculpting Free Download. give you the tools you need to become a great artist

Flipped Normals – Introduction to Sculpting Description

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sculpt, Introduction to Sculpting will give you the tools you need to become a great artist. With over 14 hours of high-quality training, you will be introduced to concepts that will transform your art. Learn what appeal is, understand gestures, block out your sculpts, sculpt stylized characters, and much more!



We’ll start right at the beginning with very simple topics like what tools we use, basic sculpting techniques – to more intermediate and advanced topics like sculpting wrinkles, sculpting pores, gesture, and appeal, sculpting hair, mid-frequency, and stretching & compression.


In the practical part of this tutorial, we will put our knowledge to the test and sculpt a professional level dwarf starting from a sphere in ZBrush. With 5 hours of real-time sculpting, we’re going through every step from start to finish. By the end of Introduction to Sculpting, you’ll have a firm grasp of how to sculpt anything you desire, using the right tools.


  • ZBrush 2020.

You can follow along with any sculpting tool. The majority of the videos are about fundamental sculpting concepts, and only a few chapters revolve around ZBrush.

Other Sculpting Tools You Can Use:

  • Blender
  • Nomad for Ipad
  • ZBrush Core Mini
  • 3D-Coat
  • Mudbox


Introduction to Sculpting focuses on fundamental skills in sculpting and is perfect for artists who know how to navigate a sculpting tool and are looking to get to grips with how to create great-looking sculpts. Introduction to Sculpting is not suited for artists who are brand new to ZBrush – You can instead find our Introduction to ZBrush here.


  • You need to know how to use 3D sculpting software.
  • You do not need any experience with how to sculpt in 3D, only with how to use the software.
  • This is not an introduction to ZBrush. You can find that here.


Part 1 | Sculpting Fundamentals

  • 01 Tools Used
  • 02 Basics Vs Fundamentals
  • 03 Sculpting Techniques
  • 04 Dynamesh Vs Subdivisions
  • 05 Sculpting Workflow
  • 06 Clay Brushes
  • 07 Reference & Observation
  • 08 Blockout
  • 09 Clean Shapes
  • 10 Gesture Appeal 01
  • 11 Gesture Appeal 02
  • 12 Silhouette
  • 13 Mid Frequency
  • 14 Sculpting Wrinkles
  • 15 Sculpting Hair
  • 16 Stylized Dragon Sculpting
  • 17 Stretching Compression
  • 18 Pores High Freq
  • 19 Anatomy Sculptor
  • 20 Orc Sculptor
  • 21 Sculpting Checklist
  • 22 How to Improve Assignments

Part 2 | Sculpting a Dwarf

  • 01 Project Overview
  • 02 Blocking
  • 03 Head Refinement 01
  • 04 Head Refinement 02
  • 05 Facial Features Refinement 01
  • 06 Beard 01
  • 07 Beard 02
  • 08 Refinement
  • 09 Asymmetry
  • 10 Beard 03
  • 11 Beard 04
  • 12 Beard Ornaments
  • 13 Eyebrows
  • 14 Finalizing

Flipped Normals – Introduction to Sculpting Free Download


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