Excel Charts – Visualization Secrets for Impressive Charts

Excel Charts – Visualization Secrets for Impressive Charts Free Download. Gain Highly Advanced Excel Skills to Create Impressive Excel Graphs for your Management Reports (Excel 2010)

Excel Charts – Visualization Secrets for Impressive Charts Description


  • Existing experience and knowledge of Excel’s basic charting options and formulas
  • This course is aimed for current intermediate to advanced Excel users and will significantly build on existing knowledge
  • Demonstration is done using Excel 2010. However, the focus of this training is to teach you new methods of doing things which you can do regardless of the Excel version you have

What you’ll learn

  • Significantly improve your Excel reports to create more powerful graphs that communicate your information in the best manner
  • Learn creative & simple techniques that allow you to create your own Excel charts from scratch
  • Create dynamic Excel charts. Why? I have seen many cases where people are unnecessarily manually updating graphs. This costs considerable time and nerves.
  • Impress your management by including new Excel graphs in your reports (such as my Pin chart for variances)
  • Apply Best Practice methods to considerably improve the design of your Excel charts and tables
  • Apply techniques that highlight chart and table elements to direct the reader attention where it is needed most
  • Use effective Chart Combinations that are pivotal to management reports
  • Apply best methods to compare performance in your Excel graphs: as in Actual data versus Budget, forecasts and previous year
  • Learn by doing. Download the Demo Excel Workbook and follow each section with me. Learning by doing works best!
  • Learn advanced Excel lookup methods (such as matrix lookups) which you can use in your larger data files.
  • Become the Excel data Visualization star in your department by creating impressive Excel charts and graphs in your reports

Who this course is for:

  • Controller or financial analyst responsible for creating monthly, quarterly or yearly reports
  • Finance or department manager looking for new effective visualization methods
  • A student planning to work as a business or financial analyst or in any function that will require data visualization
  • All in all, if you’re responsible for presenting your data graphically and you need to do this with Excel, you will benefit from the methods I teach in this course

XELPLUS – Excel Essentials for the Real World (Complete Excel Course) Free Download

Excel Charts – Visualization Secrets for Impressive Charts Free Download


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