Jonathan Reinink – Eloquent Performance Patterns

Jonathan Reinink – Eloquent Performance Patterns

Jonathan Reinink – Eloquent Performance Patterns Free Download. Learn how to drastically improve the performance of your Laravel applications by pushing more work to the database, all while still using the Eloquent ORM.

Jonathan Reinink – Eloquent Performance Patterns Free Description

Performance issues suck. Customers are frustrated. Your servers are overloaded. Management is breathing down your neck. You’ve already solved all your N+1 issues, added the necessary indexes, and you’re even paying for the most expensive database server available. But despite all this, some things just feel impossible to build in a performant way. MotionScience – Beyond The Parallax Effect

What you’ll learn 

  • The three key metrics to better database performance
  • The incredible power of sub queries
  • When to use joins vs sub queries
  • Using sub queries to select related data
  • Using sub queries to build dynamic relationships
  • Using sub queries to order by related data
  • Calculating totals using conditional aggregates
  • Running authorization policies in the database
  • Building complex search filters
  • Extending the query builder using macros
  • Demystifying database indexes
  • Introducing complex queries without sacrificing Eloquent’s API
  • Leveraging vendor-specific (MySQL, Postgres, etc.) features
  • Caching and database denormalization
  • How to safely write raw database queries
  • Configuring Laravel to make N+1 issues impossible
  • Extending Eloquent to support ordering with NULLS LAST and NULLS FIRST
  • Getting the distance between two geographic points
  • Filtering by geographic distance
  • Ordering by geographic distance
  • Querying records within a physical area using geospatial shapes

Jonathan Reinink – Eloquent Performance Patterns Free Download


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