Egghead – React Hooks: Revisited

Egghead – React Hooks: Revisited Free Download. we’ll go through each of the standard hooks offered by the React library

Egghead – React Hooks: Revisited Description

In this collection, we’ll go through each of the standard hooks offered by the React library, learn how they work and build small applications that leverage them internally.

WordPress as a Headless Content Management System (CMS) and GraphQL API

Course Content

  • 1 Make React Function Components Stateful with useState
  • 2 Control component side effects with React useEffect
  • 3 Avoid Unnecessary Re-Renders with Reacts useRef
  • 4 Optimize React Component Performance with useMemo
  • 5 Avoid Flashes of Content in React with useLayoutEffect
  • 6 Manipulate DOM Elements with useRef in React
  • 7 Build a Search Component in React with useContext
  • 8 Create a Memoized Function with React useCallback
  • 9 Build a Form with useReducer in React
  • 10 Debug Custom React Hooks With useDebugValue

Egghead – React Hooks: Revisited Free Download




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