Egghead – Practical Advanced TypeScript

Egghead – Practical Advanced TypeScript Free Download. This course explores some of the new advanced TypeScript features

Egghead – Practical Advanced TypeScript Description

This course explores some of the new advanced TypeScript features, using practical examples you might encounter in your projects.

We’ll start off by demonstrating two new features that improve readability (numeric separators) and tighten type strictness in classes (strict property initialization). We’ll then improve type guards with a practical Redux-inspired example, followed by a lesson about writing more readable mapped type modifiers. We’ll use a summary on types vs. interfaces to transition to self-referencing types examples (and how to build custom type safe iterators around them).

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We’ll then cover a few ways to use the new conditional types, including building a recursive generic type that transforms any other type you pass into it, regardless of how deep it is, and makes it read-only — great for your immutable states!

Finally, we’ll end with a lesson on building and chaining decorators to initialize and augment properties in classes.

Egghead – Practical Advanced TypeScript Free Download




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