Egghead – Javascript Performance

Egghead - Javascript Performance

Egghead – Javascript Performance Free Download. Anything related to JavaScript performance

Egghead – Javascript Performance Description

Anything related to JavaScript performance

Egghead – Practical Advanced TypeScript

Course Content

  • See the Critical Rendering Path in the browser
  • Layout Reflow in the Browser
  • Solving layout reflow
  • Solving layout thrashing by caching measured value
  • Solving layout thrashing with denounce
  • Memory allocation and garbage collection in Javascript
  • Save and load an app’s profile session
  • Profiling a nodejs app from the chrome dev tools
  • Manage Memory and Garbage Collection in Node.js
  • Find DOM memory leaks in Google Chrome
  • Easily detect memory leak source using chrome dev tools allocation instrumentation
  • Trace memory allocating functions using chrome dev tools

Egghead – Javascript Performance Free Download


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