[Ebook] Everyday Go – Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS)

[Ebook] Everyday Go – Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS)

[Ebook] Everyday Go – Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS) Free Download. “Everyday Go” is the fast way to learn tools, techniques and patterns from real tools used in production.

[Ebook] Everyday Go – Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS) Description

This book is a compilation of practical examples, lessons, and techniques for Go developers. The topics cover the software lifecycle from learning the fundamentals to software testing, to distribution and monitoring. If you feel like you may have seen some of these techniques before, you would be right. I’ve been writing about Go since 2015 and wanted to take everything that I’ve needed on a regular basis, and to lay it out for you to benefit from. It’s not a reference book or a complete guide to the language, but if you like learning by example and aren’t afraid to get your feet wet, then this style is probably for you. Features my top-rated content on Writing unit-tests in Go, updated, extended, and modernized for 2021, as featured in the Kubernetes documentation.

Benefits to professional developers and businesses:​

  • Craft internal tools that you’ll enjoy building and maintaining
  • Deliver higher quality products through unit testing
  • Increase reliability and uptime through monitoring and metrics
  • Learn how to integrate quickly with brownfield APIs and products
  • Cover your training objectives for this year

Who is this book for?

Whether you’re starting out with Go, or are at an intermediate level, then you will probably get a lot out of this book. You may get this book to expand your knowledge, or to go deeper in a certain area like Cross-compilation, Unit Testing, GitHub Actions, or Goroutines. It’s also useful as reference material for experienced Go developers, for instance – the author uses the GitHub Actions and Prometheus chapters as a refresher when creating new services.
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[Ebook] Everyday Go – Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS) Free Download



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