EatTheBlocks Pro Live Training #4 Crypto Trading Bots

EatTheBlocks Pro Live Training #4 Crypto Trading Bots

EatTheBlocks Pro Live Training #4 Crypto Trading Bots Free Download. Learn how to build your own crypto trading bot!

EatTheBlocks Pro Live Training #4 Crypto Trading Bots Description

When you trade crypto-currencies, emotions are your biggest enemy. You can try to convince yourself that you are a perfectly rational person. But when the market is volatile, like everybody, you are likely to feel fear, or greed, and take bad decisions. With a trading bot, you can write some code that will execute a specific trading strategy, WITHOUT your emotions getting in the way. In this live training, we are going to code a trading bot for crypto, using NodeJS.


  • Skill Set
    • Node JS and Solidity is a must to know.
    • EVM based blockchain API libraries like web3 js or ether js is must to know
    • Any of smart contract development IDEs like hardhat, truffle, embark (preferably hardhat) is good to know.
    • Knowledge of docker and cloud deployment is nice to have but not a hard requirement.
  • System requirements
    • Node JS v12.x x and above
    • MacOS or any unix-based OS is preferable. (Windows OS is not at all a deal breaker)
    • 16GB RAM, 500GB free disk space, Intel Core i7 Quad-Core, or equivalent
    • At a minimum, your device must meet or exceed the following specifications:
      • 8GB RAM
      • 250GB free disk space
      • Intel Core i5 Quad-Core, or equivalent
      • Linux, macOS (MacBook), Windows 10 Enterprise 10 Enterprise 64-bit, or Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

What’ll you learn

  • Arbitrage, Price slippage, flash loan, DEX, DEX aggregators, Liquidity pool, orderbook, AMM, WETH
  • Reasons to trade using a bot
    • buy/sell crypto without physically making a transaction
    • Make the bot available to others for a fee
  • How to develop your own trading bot?
  • Trading bot model
  • Initial setup and interacting with the cryptocurrency trading APIs like ccxt
  • Security by Design
  • API level access to the exchange/s
  • Trading bot model
  • Architecture
  • Exchange prices and trading algorithm
  • Testing
  • Live deployment
  • Best practices for crypto currency trading bot, Backtesting
  • Order execution crypto bot
  • receive cryptocurrency price data over websockets, programmatically execute Ethereum orders

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EatTheBlocks Pro Live Training #4 Crypto Trading Bots Free Download


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