Eattheblocks Pro – 6-Figure Blockchain Developer

Eattheblocks Pro – 6-Figure Blockchain Developer

Eattheblocks Pro – 6-Figure Blockchain Developer Free Download. Becoming a Highly Paid Blockchain Developer And Getting Your First Job Just Got Easier

Eattheblocks Pro – 6-Figure Blockchain Developer Description

Why become a blockchain developer (and why NOW)?
  • The demand is SKYROCKETING, but the supply of good developers with this specific set of skills is slower to increase…
  • It’s “new” so no one hiring is going to ask for years of experience (a good portfolio can be enough)
  • MASSIVE investments are being made in the industry by large companies and especially in DeFi
  • I’ve personally got my first job as a blockchain developer for a salary of $100k and… remote
But while this all sounds very attractive, how do you actually get started with this skill and find a job? Because the resources you can find out there look like this:
  • You learn to make a very simple app that has nothing to do with the professional ones you’ll need to get hired
  • You get overwhelmed by the number of possibilities and blockchains to learn (and end up knowing only a little about everything)
  • Overly technical tutorials that bore you to death with the mind-numbing mechanics of building useless apps, and don’t say a thing about strategy to find a job…
  • Very hype-y teachers that make big claims about showing you the way… But rehash the same content that brings no result or CLEAR step-by-step to learn.
  • Not up-to-date content (old versions of Solidity, web3….)

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Eattheblocks Pro – 6-Figure Blockchain Developer Free Download



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