Drawing with Digital Pencils – Will Terry

Drawing with Digital Pencils – Will Terry

Drawing with Digital Pencils – Will Terry Free Download. Why digital pencils? No disrespect to Dixon Ticonderoga, but digital pencils are the tops when it comes to versatility and control.

Drawing with Digital Pencils – Will Terry Free Description

In this video tutorial you will learn how to set up your own digital pencil brushes in Photoshop – or use one the stock pencils that comes with Photoshop. There are a few tricks you can learn to fool your friends, customers, and clients into thinking that you used real pencils to create digital masterpieces. Why digital when pencils are so cheap? Control, speed, and size. When you use Photoshop to mimic traditional pencils you can take advantage of many digital tools like layers, undo, filters like warp, distort, and liquify, pressure sensitivity, texture pallet, and opacity to recreate a real eraser. Follow along as Will shows you exactly how to build a digital pencil – then watch him create several drawings start to finish to learn his technique. This tutorial is ready for immediate download and includes the original sketch.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to create a digital pencil in Photoshop
  • How to use a digital pencil to mimic a real pencil
  • How to use other photoshop tools to give you the feeling of traditional pencils
  • How to strip your digital or traditional pencil drawing from the paper or white background and move it to a different layer
  • How to add a new background like hand made paper scan or other natural texture scan behind your drawing to look like it was all created with natural mediums
  • How to start a digital pencil drawing from start to finish

Drawing with Digital Pencils – Will Terry Free Download


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