Download RockWorks 17 + Installation Guide

Download RockWorks 17

Download RockWorks 17 FoR FREE. RockWorks is the main product of RockWare in the field of geology.

What is RockWorks 17?

RockWorks is the main product of RockWare in the field of geology. RockWorks has become a standard in oil and gas science, environment, mining, and geotechnical engineering to display sub-surface data, using tools common in software such as maps, and design parts. different surface, solid pattern, etc RockWorks offers a variety of features for sub-surface data analysis, as well as data types such as stratigraphy, lithology, quantitative data, color distance, fracture and hydrology.

RockWorks is widely used in geotechnical (subset of geology), environmental, and mining industries. RockWorks software is a complete set of tools needed to visualize and analyze geological data, giving engineers the ability to perform their research in the field scientifically and accurately.

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Download RockWorks 17

Features Of RockWorks 17

  • Convenient and comfortable graphic environment
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional design
  • Various reports
  • Earthapp capabilities to display information on the planet
  • Ability to draw different diagrams
  • Ability to create different records and sections
  • Create different maps based on the type of data stored in the datasheet
  • Create three-dimensional models of geographic features
  • A tool for network models
  • Create 3D objects using OpenGL
  • Ability to write scripts
  • Supports SQL Server to store data
  • Ability to model drill holes

Download RockWorks 17



How to install

Unzip and install the software.
After the installation is complete, copy the RockWorks17 file in the Crack folder to C: \ Program Files \ RockWare \ RockWorks17
Open RockWorks software, select Set up licensing >> select RockWorks Single
Enter the following information

  • Registration number : 123
  • License Name : Admin
  • Unlocking Code: 7W-5SBE38A-B6C1FM-96JE6

Reinstall the software


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