Download ModelSim SE 2020 + Installation guide

Mentor Graphics ModelSim SE

Download Mentor Graphics ModelSim SE 2020 FoR FREE. a specialized software in electronic engineering using FPGA simulation

What is ModelSim SE 2020?

Mentor Graphics ModelSim SE 2020 is a specialized software in electronic engineering using FPGA simulation. The range of coding and debugging required to simulate multiple blocks and systems. ModelSim 2020 also fully supports VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog for Design and SystemC providing a solid foundation for single and multilingual design verification.

The ModelSim SE 2020 offers a wide range of debugging and analysis capabilities after simulating saved results, as well as during live simulation. Signals are annotated in the source window and viewed in the waveform, making it easy to debug and navigate links between objects and its declaration between accessed files. To improve debugging productivity, the software also has updated graphical and text streaming capabilities.

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Download ModelSim SE 2020 + Installation guide

Features Of ModelSim SE 2020

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Behavior simulation, RTL, and port level code (including VHDL VITAL and Verilog ports).
  • Automatically update Sources, Signals, Processes, and Window variables.
  • Mixed language simulation engine support.
  • Fast, easy to use debugging time.
  • Advanced code coverage and analysis tools.
  • Support unified database with each other.
  • Support combined with HDL Designer and HDL Author for project management.
  • Easy point analysis & error correction.
  • Fixed many bugs encountered in the previous version.

Download ModelSim SE 2020 Free Download



Installation guide

  • Extract the downloaded file with the pass:
  • Run modelsim-win64-2020.4-se.exe file to install (just click Next continuously) and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Create a folder named flexlm in drive C: \
  • Go to Crack 1 folder, copy 2 files “MentorKG.exe” and “patch64_dll.bat” ⇒ Paste in the path into C: \ modeltech64_2020.4 \ win64
  • Run the file “patch64_dll.bat” (the file just pasted in the path in the above step), Wait a moment, it will appear Text file, select “Save As” ⇒ save to C: \ flexlm \ LICENSE.TXT.
  • Create the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE = C: \ flexlm \ LICENSE.TXT
  • Go to Crack folder 1 \ Win64, Copy 2 files “mgcld64.exe” and “mgls64.dll” to C: \ modeltech64_2020.4 \ win64
  • Completed


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