Download FBackup 9.0.226 – Best Data Backup Software


Download FBackup 9 FoR FREE. Best Data Backup Software for desktop

What is FBackup 9?

FBackup is a good software for backing up system data. This program can be used both for personal and commercial purposes. The graphical interface of this program is designed simply and you can create all kinds of backup configurations in it. For example, you define a profile for backing up system videos. One profile will be responsible for backing up your work documents. First, spend your time setting up each profile, where to back it up, what files you want to back up, how the backup is, whether the backup is compressed or not. When do you want the backups to be done, do you want to define the backup schedule and other necessary settings.

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Download FBackup 9.0.226 - Best Data Backup Software

Features Of FBackup 9

Once you’ve created your profile, you just need to start the backup operation with the F6 key according to the setting you made. If you have defined a schedule that you have nothing to do with the program, it will back up on time. For sensitive information, you can set a password when backing up. In this program, there are two types of backup methods, one typically compresses files and stores them at the destination, and the other is a duplicated copy of information. In this case, even empty folders are copied

Another useful feature of this program is the ability to define an activity to run before or after the backup. You can also define a number of different destinations for backups to increase your security. Backup in cloud services like Google Drive and file backup in open mode are among the other features of this software.

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