DOMESTIKA – Development of a Digital Media Plan

DOMESTIKA – Development of a Digital Media Plan
DOMESTIKA – Development of a Digital Media Plan Free Download. Learn to organise your brand’s investment in Google Ads and Social Media from scratch

DOMESTIKA – Development of a Digital Media Plan Description

Getting started in the world of investment in digital media can be overwhelming, and nobody better than Foncho Ramírez-Corzo, director of Search Marketing and Social Media in Neo Ogilvy (Spain) and founding partner of Coronel Smith (Peru), to teach you to step how to do it and thus connect with potential clients successfully. In this course you will learn to create a digital media plan for a brand or business, carrying out documentation and analysis phases of the target to achieve an efficient investment in online advertisements.

Development of a Digital Media Plan

What’ll you learn

  • As a first step, you will make an overview of the current moment of digital media, and then start organizing your brand’s online media plan; Foncho will do it for a yoga studio but you can do it for any other business.
  • You will learn to identify your target customer with demographic, psychographic, and behavioral analysis on the internet and you will see, step by step, what your client does to make a purchase.
  • You will make a work of identification of keywords used by your target, and you will study your direct competition, you will see its tone and the communication formats it uses.
  • After the analysis and documentation phase, Foncho will help you land your digital media plan. First, you will select the media you are going to use (Google, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube), define the objectives of each one, and learn how to calculate the investment and the return on sales.
  • Finally, you will activate your media plan and, after a few days, review the results to optimize it, a process that will be continuous over time.

What is this course’s project?

You will develop an investment plan in digital media for a new brand or business.
Development of a Digital Media Plan project

Who is it for?

To anyone who is interested in selling a product or service on the Internet without prior knowledge.

What you need

To complete this course, you only need basic knowledge of Excel and a computer with an internet connection.
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DOMESTIKA – Development of a Digital Media Plan Free Download


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