Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows

Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows Free Download. Learn how to build, run and design .NET apps using Docker – with Windows for .NET Framework apps and Linux for .NET Core

Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows Description


  • Familiarity with .NET apps – from a dev, ops, or architecture background
  • Access to a Windows 10 machine to follow along with the exercises

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What you’ll learn

  • Core Docker concepts: containers, images, and registries
  • Building and running .NET Framework apps in Windows containers
  • Building and running .NET Core apps in Linux and Windows containers
  • Defining and running multi-container apps with Docker Compose
  • Breaking up monolithic apps into a distributed architecture
  • How to prepare Dockerized .NET apps for production
  • How to run containers at scale using Docker Swarm

Who this course is for:

  • .NET developers who want to build and run apps with Docker
  • .NET admins who want to deploy and manage apps with Docker
  • Docker users who want to run Windows workloads in containers
  • .NET architects who want to remodel monolithic applications
  • .NET users who want to migrate apps to the cloud

Docker for .NET Apps – on Linux and Windows Free Download




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