Django Ecommerce Build Advanced Django Web Application

Django Ecommerce Build Advanced Django Web Application
Django eCommerce Build Advanced Django Web Application Free Download. Build Django eCommerce website with a lot of advanced custom functionalities, RDS Postgres and deploy it on Amazon AWS

Django eCommerce Build Advanced Django Web Application Description


  • Basic web development skills including HTML, CSS
  • Basic knowledge of Python and Django

What you’ll learn

  • Make real-world eCommerce applications using Python and Django Framework
  • Django Custom User Model, Category & Media Files
  • Working with Products
  • Context Processors & Product Details
  • Setup Git and Carts Functionality
  • Add to Cart using Session Keys, Increment/decrement/remove Cart Items
  • Fixing Cart Bugs & Context Processor for Cart Item Counter
  • Paginator & Search
  • Product Variations & Variation Manager
  • Adding the Variation in Cart, Grouping Cart Item Variations
  • Registration, log in with Token-Based Verification & Message Alerts
  • User Account Activation & Activation Link Expiry
  • Forgot Password with Secure Validation Links
  • Cart Checkout, automatically assign the Cart Items to Logged-in User
  • Orders & Order Number Generation
  • Payment Gateway Integration & Place Order
  • After Order Functionalities
  • Review and Rating System
  • Two Factor Checks for Submitting Reviews (Login check & Product purchase check)
  • Rating Average & Review Count Calculation
  • My Account Functionalities
  • Product Gallery with Unlimited Images
  • Django Security Measures
  • Deploying Application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EB)

Who this course is for:

  • Freshers who want to add a live project on their resume or portfolio
  • Intermediate programmers who want to switch from another programming language to Python Django
  • Future developers who want to learn web development by project-based course

Django eCommerce Build Advanced Django Web Application Free Download




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