Database performance for Hibernate developers

Database performance for Hibernate developers Free Download. Discover performance optimization techniques applicable to database and Hibernate

Database performance for Hibernate developers Description


  • At least basic SQL knowledge.
  • Java programming experience is necessary. You should know how to use Hibernate at least on the basic level.
  • JDK 15 installed. Some IDE to write, compile and run Java web applications. During the course, I use IntelliJ IDEA but others should work as well.

What you’ll learn

  • Know how to approach optimization
  • Use Query Execution Plan
  • Know which data types and why are preferred in a database for better performance
  • Avoid unnecessary type conversions in SQL queries
  • Efficiently use dictionary tables
  • Configure Hibernate to see executed database queries
  • Avoid reading data that is not needed
  • Eliminate n+1 problem in Hibernate
  • Understand a trade-off when implementing flexible solutions
  • Properly implement data paging in Hibernate
  • Efficiently count rows and aggregate data
  • Update and delete multiple rows with a single request
  • Learn index structure and its impact on query performance
  • Choose the right index for a query
  • Use of multi-column indexes
  • Learn the process of executing queries by a database
  • Take advantage of query parameters binding in Hibernate
  • Avoid long transactions
  • Restructure queries for better performance
  • Use indexes to support sorting rows and joining
  • Know when it is better to avoid Hibernate entities and how to use alternatives

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers using Hibernate want to understand and improve the efficiency of the database operations.
  • Software programmers that would like to understand database query performance and tricks to improve them.
  • Developers that would like to use Hibernate in a more efficient manner.

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Database performance for Hibernate developers Free Download



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