Creating A 3D Game Character Bendy

Creating A 3D Game Character Bendy

Creating A 3D Game Character Bendy Free Download. Hello guys, my name is Dino welcome to another blender course. Today we are going to be modeling Cartoon and Game character Bendy.

Creating A 3D Game Character Bendy Description

Bendy is a cartoon imp-like demon character with his appearance entirely colored in black apart from his face. He wears shiny black shoes, a bowtie, and a pair of gloves that closely resemble those of other cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse. Because he lacks a neck, his head floats a few millimeters away from his body.Ink Bendy is the severely deformed incarnation meant to bring cartoons to life by the Ink Machine. So far, a perfect-shaped Bendy without a person’s soul does not exist.

Later we will model the hands (gloves) and we are going to be rigging our hands and pose them. Once we finish modeling and posing the hands we will start adding the arms and legs.
In the last part of modeling the character, we will model out Bendy shoes.

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This class is for begginers, but if you are an advanced 3d artist you can use this course for practice, inspiration, and so on.
At the end of this course, you will have a 3D model that you can use for your portfolio share it with your friends on social media or use it for animation.

Creating A 3D Game Character Bendy Free Download

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