Create 3D Lettering in Blender – polygonrunway

Create 3D Lettering in Blender – polygonrunway
Create 3D Lettering in Blender – polygonrunway Free Download. Unlock your creative potential and create beautiful 3D type layouts to complement your designs, websites, or social media posts

Create 3D Lettering in Blender – polygonrunway Description

What will you create?

You will create 3 illustrations with different themes and techniques, so that’s immediately 3 different ways, you can go about creating your next lettering design, or typograpthy illustration.

Why 3D lettering?

Lettering and typography are beautiful art disciplines and when taken into a third dimension, the possibilities are endless. What’s more, 3D design is firing on all cylinders past couple of years and the demand is still growing. When combined with the typography, it can be a great way to create beautiful website hero images, social media posts, or even prints or T-shirts. This course is a series of three episodes, that will guide you through the creation of lettering layouts in the free 3D tool Blender, based on the work of amazing hand lettering artist, Ian Barnard.

Create 3D Lettering in Blender – polygonrunway Free Download




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