Download ComponentOne Studio Ultimate v2020.3.1

ComponentOne Studio Ultimate

Download ComponentOne Studio Ultimate v2020.3.1 –  FoR FREE. Programming interface toolkit for Visual Studio

What is ComponentOne Studio Ultimate?

ComponentOne Studio Ultimate is a set of tools that allow you to create a nicer interface and more features for many different projects in a programming environment. ComponentOne (GrapeCity’s C1 for short) makes one of the best component sets for .NET programming. ComponentOne Studio Ultimate Suite is a complete set of components for ASP.NET, WinForms, ActiveX. WPF, UWP, Xamarin, JavaScript, ASP.NET Core MVC …

Download Design-Expert 12.0.3

Download ComponentOne Studio Ultimate

Features of ComponentOne Studio Ultimate

  • New Data Grid and Input Control for Blazor (Beta) – Round out your server and client C # web application with a native UI controller built for Blazor from scratch. ElementOne Blazor (beta) version includes FlexGrid, our best cross-platform data grid, and several input controls including AutoComplete, CheckBox, and ComboBox.
  • Continued support for .NET Core 3.0 – All WinForms, WPF, and ASP.NET Core controls have been tested to support .NET Core 3.0. In this release, we have improved design-time support for WPF controls and provided multi-project templates for WinForms that allow you to target .NET Core 3.0 while maintaining the time experience. The classic design space you used with WinForms. Additionally, our WinForms and WPF controls are now shipped as NuGet packages in addition to the DLL.
  • Officially released Smart Ribbon – New Ribbon for WinForms built on .NET 4.5.2 and it is based on Office 365 UI concepts. With it you will enjoy a simple view New as the ribbon is collapsed, an enhanced embedded image set for buttons along with support for font and vector-based icons and a behind-the-scenes view element.

ComponentOne Studio Ultimate includes

  • ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX x86/x64
  • Studio for ComponentOne ASP.NET Wijmo
  • ComponentOne Studio for Compact Framework (Mobile Devices)
  • ComponentOne Studio for iPhone
  • ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch
  • ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight
  • ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone
  • ComponentOne Studio for WinForms
  • ComponentOne Studio for WinRT XAML 8.1
  • ComponentOne Studio for WPF
  • ComponentOne Doc-To-Help
  • ComponentOne IntelliSpell for Visual Studio
  • ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms
  • ComponentOne XapOptimizer

Download ComponentOne Studio Ultimate



How to install

Read the readme file in the Crack folder for the installation steps


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