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codingblocks – Competitive Programming Free Download. Ace Every Race – Master competitive coding skills for ACM ICPC, Google Kickstart & more

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The online Competitive Programming course by Coding Blocks is the ultimate online competitive coding training. With an aim to leverage and optimize the problem-solving skills of the young programmers, the course structure of this 8 week long online course is most extensively crafted to ensure their swift sail through the online coding challenges and code-authors.

These online coding classes will cover concepts of Advanced-Data Structures such as Segment Trees, Binary Index / Fenwick Trees. The students will be taught to construct algorithms involving Dynamic Programming, Bitmasking, Greedy Algorithms, and Divide & Conquer along with the essentials of advanced competitive programming topics. Good knowledge of basics (like sorting, searching, recursion ), data structures, and space-time complexity analysis on problems will definitely ensure nifty learning. With more than 100 recorded videos and 5 live webinars, along with 24×7 doubt clearing support to your aid, anyone on a binge to master the competitive coding tricks and techniques has absolutely no looking back!


The pre-requisites for this course include prior problem solving hands-on-experience with Data Structures, knowledge of inbuilt functions in C++ STL (or Java Collections), Space Time Complexity Analysis.

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codingblocks – Competitive Programming Free Download


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