codingblocks – C++ Standard Template Library

codingblocks – C++ Standard Template Library Free Download. Learn the C++ STL Tricks, needed for Coding Rounds!

codingblocks – C++ Standard Template Library Description

C++ STL is the ultimate offering to master all Standard Template Library Concepts in a short time. This course is designed to teach you all STL Concepts such as Algorithms, Containers, Templates, and advanced concepts like Comparators, Functors, Iterators in a short time. The course contains over 60 video lectures by our programming expert mentor Prateek Bhatia and over 20 problems to be solved using STL only.

STL is the most important topic to ace online coding interview questions as you can save a lot of time by using the STL functions, and avoid complex implementations of underlying data structures such as asset, hash-table, linked list, etc. Anyone who has knowledge of basic data structures and C++ fundamentals can join the course and take their programming skills to the next level.

codingblocks – C++ Fundamentals Free Download

codingblocks – C++ Standard Template Library Free Download


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