Codingblock – Interview Preparation – C++

Interview Preparation - C++ codingblock

Codingblock – Interview Preparation – C++ Free Download. Learn Data Structures Algorithms for Interviews, and non coding topics!

Codingblock – Interview Preparation – C++ Description

The online coding Interview Course by Coding Blocks is the place for you. This self-paced online Interview preparation course bridges the gap between the theoretical knowledge and the quick coding tricks and tips that the industry employers look for in their potential candidates. This online Bootcamp covers the topics such as Operating Systems, DBMS and System Design along with important coding questions asked in the interview process of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Directi, Zomato, etc.


Basic knowledge of fundamentals in any programming language either C++ or Java is required.

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• Extensive Data Structures & Algorithmic Coverage
• In-depth Discussion on Important Computer Science Topics Like OS, DBMS etc
• 500+ Video Lectures and Code Challenges
• Hint Videos for Complex Problems
• Lifetime Assignment Access
• Intermediate & Advanced Topics for Interviews
• Expert Doubt Support for 6 months(only for Premium version)

Codingblock – Interview Preparation – C++ Free Download

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