[codecourse] Testing Vue

[codecourse] Testing Vue Free Download. Here’s pretty much everything you need. We’ll cover setting up a test runner ànd more

[codecourse] Testing Vue Description

Want to get started with unit testing in Vue? Here’s pretty much everything you need. We’ll cover setting up a test runner, using Vue Test Utilities, mocking and stubbing common dependencies like Vue Router and Axios, and testing Vuex both within components and in isolation. Let’s get testing.

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Setting up a project for testing
  • 3. Structuring and writing tests
  • 4. I can see some text
  • 5. A class should be visible
  • 6. Clicking should do something
  • 7. Slot content should be rendered
  • 8. An event should be emitted
  • 9. A router-link should be rendered
  • 10. A quicker way to mock router-link
  • 11. I can read $route information
  • 12. Asynchronous data should be loaded
  • 13. It cleans up after a component is destroyed
  • 14. The route should be updated
  • 15. I can see a component within another component
  • 16. Check that a method is called
  • 17. Testing timers
  • 18. Using and mocking mixins
  • 19. Vuex: A getter value should be visible
  • 20. Vuex: An action should be dispatched
  • 21. Restructuring Vuex for isolated tests
  • 22. Vuex in isolation: Getters
  • 23. Vuex in isolation: Mutations
  • 24. Vuex in isolation: Actions

[codecourse] Testing Vue Free Download


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