Caleb Porzio – Make VS Code Awesome [Wizard]

Caleb Porzio – Make VS Code Awesome [Wizard] Free Download. VS Code is pretty good
Its integrated terminal, global search, and extension marketplace are fantastic.

Caleb Porzio – Make VS Code Awesome [Wizard] Description

This is not about everything VS Code CAN do, that’s what the docs are for. Instead of showing you everything VS Code is capable of, we’ll zoom in on the things that matter to a working developer.

Here we go.

DevOps.js Conference 2021

Hide All The Crap

First, we’re going to hide all the distracting crap everywhere. We want our editor to feel more like an artist’s canvas than a pilot’s cockpit.

Ditch the mouse

Now that we’ve hidden everything, we’ll establish some easy to remember keybindings. Keyboard shortcuts should be logical and easy to remember. None of this hieroglyphics: ⌥⇧^

Make it look gooood

Aesthetics matter. You spend most of your workday inside your editor. You should LOVE the way it looks.

Caleb Porzio – Make VS Code Awesome [Wizard] Free Download



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