C# Programming for Beginners: Practical Applications Approach

C# Programming for Beginners: Practical Applications Approach
C# Programming for Beginners: Practical Applications Approach Free Download. Introducing Teens and Beginners to Programming Winforms in C#. More videos and practice exercises than any Intro course
Students will learn to create their own computer programs and video games using the C# programming language. No prior programming experience is assumed. This is a course for REAL BEGINNERS. We will introduce all the required programming skills from the ground up.This programming course is meant for ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN TO CODE. We cover C# syntax but more importantly we introduce the PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS necessary  to convert practical problems to solutions in code…You get paid for solving problems everything else is just a technicality. Our focus will be working with Visual Studio on WINDOWS machines .  All coding examples are fully compatible with the LATEST Visual Studio Edition (As of 2020 Visual Studio Community 2019) for WINDOWS … Unfortunately they are not MAC compatible

C# Programming for Beginners: Practical Applications Approach Description


  • All course material (demos, notes) will be available for download during each individual lecture. The only software required to start the course is the free version of Microsoft Visual Studio Express or Community Edition for Windows (link provided in intro lecture)
  • Our focus will be working with Visual Studio on Windows machines … Unfortunately NOT MAC computers
Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide [2020]

What you’ll learn

  • Program fluently in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio for Windows Machines
  • Understand how to create a basic Windows Form Application … No Console Apps
  • Understand the basic concepts of Selection, Repetition, and Methods
  • Understand the intermediate concepts of Object Oriented Programming, String Handling, Arrays (One, Two Dimensional), Random Numbers, Graphics, and Animation
  • Apply the programming skills learned to create meaningful computer applications from the world of business, science , math and gaming. These solutions will incorporate the software design life cycle of problem definition,analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance
  • Create Business applications which simulate a computerized cash register for a cafeteria, and a sign in system for a doctors office
  • Create Science applications which create charts that convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius
  • Create applications which track student marks and determine averages, and highest and lowest marks
  • Create applications which determine credit card eligibility for applicants based on a scoring system
  • Create applications which check the validity of a credit card using String manipulation techniques
  • Create a program that plays the card game War
  • Create a Math program which displays a bar chart of sales over a period of years
  • Create a Graphics program which simulates an “Etch-A-Sketch” drawing program
  • Create a simple object animation then use it as the basis for a car race game
  • Create a slot machine game
  • Create a falling objects game … where you move an object around with the keyboard and catch objects falling from the sky for points
  • Create a Space shooter game
  • Fully appreciate the wide range of applications that the study of Computer Science provides.

Who this course is for:

  • This C# programming course is meant for ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN TO CODE . We cover C# syntax but more importantly we introduce the problem solving skills necessary to convert practical problems to solutions in code. No prior programming knowledge is needed.

C# Programming for Beginners: Practical Applications Approach Free Download

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