C# Developers Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code

C# Developers Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code. Learn the techniques to write better C# code and stand out in technical interviews

In this course, Mosh, author of several best selling C# courses on Udemy, walks you through common code smells found in C# programs and shows you how to refactor them using ReSharper. Refactoring is changing the design of the existing code without changing its external behaviour.

In every lecture, you’ll see an example of a popular code smell with Mosh’s commentary about what is wrong with that code and more importantly, why. You’ll then learn how to change the code in a safe and step-by-step fashion while minimising breaking changes. All the source codes presented in the lectures are available for download so you can practice these techniques on your own.

C# Developers Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code Description


  • C# (at any level)

C# Developers Double Your Coding Speed with Visual Studio

What you’ll learn

  • Tell the difference between good and bad good
  • Identify the smells in your code
  • Refactor your code in a safe and fast way using ReSharper
  • Write clean code that reveals the intent
  • Decompose long methods into smaller, more maintainable ones
  • Refactor lengthy switch statements into an object-oriented design
  • Simplify nested / complex conditional blocks
  • Remove duplicated code
  • Design the proper signature for your methods

Who this course is for:

  • Any C# developer who has an interest in improving the quality of their code

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