[byte-by-byte] – 6 Weeks to Interview Ready

[byte-by-byte] – 6 Weeks to Interview Ready
[byte-by-byte] – 6 Weeks to Interview Ready Free Download. Finally, a bulletproof, step-by-step system to be interview ready in 6 weeks

[byte-by-byte] – 6 Weeks to Interview Ready Description

In week 1, we are going to lay the foundation for everything that we will cover in the course. In this module, you will:
  • Learn how to avoid wasting time and focus on exactly what you need to know for your interview using the 3 Pillars of Interviews
  • Stop procrastinating and make every study session productive using the Lean Study Schedule
  • Discover out your weaknesses using the in-depth self-evaluation to make sure that there are no gaps in your knowledge
Character Art School Complete Coloring and Painting Course In week 2, we start getting into the real meat of the course. After laying the foundation in week 1, you have all of the tools that you need to use this material to its full effect. In this module, you will learn:
  • The #1 reason that people fail their interviews again and again
  • How to turn your interviewing into a bulletproof, repeatable system
  • My 6 step system for solving any coding interview question, even if I’ve never seen it before
  • The essential-yet-counterintuitive problem solving step that 90% of people completely skip
In week 3, we’re going to take your problem solving framework to the next level. Now that we have a system for finding a solution to every problem, we’re going to learn the exact strategies we need to start optimizing these solutions. In this module, you will learn:
  • Why prematurely optimizing our code actually hurts us more than it helps, and what you should do instead
  • The REAL expectations our interviewer has for our code optimization (I bet they’re not at all what you expect)
  • Determining whether our code can be improved using the “best conceivable runtime”
  • How to optimize any code quickly using the BUD system
In week 4, we’ll tackle the bane of every software developer’s existence: Hard problems. In this module, you will learn:
  • The 3 “hail Mary” strategies to use when you’re really stuck
  • How to avoid your mind going blank when facing a hard problem
  • Why modularizing is critical to your interview success
  • What most hard interview questions have in common, and how to handle them easily
In week 5, we’re going to tie together everything that we’ve learned thus far in the course. In this module, you will:
  • Complete your ultimate interview system so that you can walk into any interview with confidence
  • Learn how to ensure that you’re able to execute, even under pressure
  • Develop the true confidence of a great interviewee and put your interviewer immediately at ease
  • Create your foolproof pre-interview and post-interview plan so that you know what to do every step of the way
In this final week of the course, you will learn the next steps that you can take to go beyond average interviewer to achieve true mastery. In this module, you will learn:
  • Why most studying that you do is totally ineffective and how to study differently
  • How to learn twice as much in half the time
  • Why “illusions of competence” screw over so many people and the exact strategy you can use to make sure you really know what you think you know

6 Weeks to Interview Ready program is right for you if:

  • You’re a strong engineer who deserves a great job but just can’t seem to crack the interview
  • You don’t have a lot of time to plan what to study every day and want a step by step system
  • You’re willing to put in the work as long as you know you’re focusing on the right things and will see results
  • You constantly struggle with nerves in your interview and just want to be able to go in confidently and not have your mind go completely blank
  • You’ve studied the fundamentals of Computer Science before, even if you’re pretty rusty
  • You’re planning to interview at companies that evaluate candidates with Google-style whiteboard interviews

[byte-by-byte] – 6 Weeks to Interview Ready Free Download


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