Build UBER Clone App Using Flutter and Firebase (2020)

Build UBER Clone App Using Flutter and Firebase (2020) Free Download. Learn advanced Flutter concepts by building a functional Uber Clone app using Firebase & Flutter (Android & iOS)

Build UBER Clone App Using Flutter and Firebase (2020) Description


  • Basic knowledge of Flutter and Dart
  • A computer either widows or mac with a RAM size upto 4GB
  • Android Studio or Visual Code with Flutter SDK installed

Supply Chain Design and Planning with Excel & Python

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to build complete android & iOS Uber Clone apps (driver and passenger) with Flutter and Firebase
  • Learn to create, remove, update and delete records in Firebase Database
  • Learn how to use Google Location and Map services in your Apps with Flutter
  • Learn to find place address with location coordinates using Google Geocoding API
  • Learn advanced state management concepts with the Provider Package
  • Learn to create and design beautiful User Interfaces for android and iOS using Flutter
  • Learn to initiate a phone call from your directly from your app
  • Understand how to create Push Notification messages using Firebase (FCM)

Who this course is for:

  • Those with basic knowledge of building apps with flutter
  • People who want to take their Flutter knowledge to an advanced level
  • Those who want to build real world application using flutter

Build UBER Clone App Using Flutter and Firebase (2020) Free Download

Onedrive – 12/2020

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