Beyond Code – Desktop apps with Electron

Beyond Code – Desktop apps with Electron Free Download. Learn how to build, publish, and distribute desktop applications as a web developer by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Beyond Code – Desktop apps with Electron Description

This course teaches you how to use your existing knowledge of tools like VueJSReactTailwindCSS and NodeJS to build cross-platform desktop applications.

Even if you are a complete beginner, this course guides you through the process of creating a desktop application from scratch.

Chances are pretty high that you’ve already used Electron applications before: We built Tinkerwell and HELO with Electron, and also well-known applications like VSCode or Slack make use of Electron and benefit from the Electron ecosystem with the power of Javascript. – JavaScript Masterclass

What we’ll build

In this video course, we are going to build a desktop application from scratch using nothing but HTML, VueJS and TailwindCSS.

The app is called RegExpress – a regular expression app that helps you test, debug, and even visualize your regular expressions.

We are going to use native system features, such as storing and opening files, storing images to disk, and makes use of the menu bar.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a native desktop application
  • Communication between multiple windows
  • Creating menu bar applications
  • Expand your existing skills beyond the browser
  • Integrating TailwindCSS into your Electron app
  • Licensing and selling your desktop app
  • Using native operation system features
  • Understand the Electron API in detail
  • Keeping your apps automatically updated
  • Writing tests for your Electron app
  • Bundling your apps on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Kickstart your next app idea
  • Using local databases in your Javascript apps
  • Code signing your apps on MacOS
  • Automatically distribute your app from GitHub
  • Using GitHub actions
  • Keeping track of your application errors
  • Debugging your Electron app

Beyond Code – Desktop apps with Electron Free Download

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