Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer

Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer
Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer Free Download. Learn to fuse lidar point clouds, radar signatures, and camera images using Kalman Filters to perceive the environment and detect and track vehicles and pedestrians over time.
The Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree program is comprised of content and curriculum to support four (4) projects. We estimate that students can complete the program in four (4) months, working 10 hours per week. Each project will be reviewed by the Udacity reviewer network. Feedback will be provided and if you do not pass the project, you will be asked to resubmit the project until it passes.

Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer Description

What are the prerequisites for enrollment?

To optimize your chances of success in the Sensor Fusion Engineer Nanodegree program, we’ve created a list of prerequisites and recommendations to help prepare you for the program curriculum. You should have the following knowledge:
  • Advanced knowledge in any object-oriented – programming language, preferably C++
  • Intermediate Probability
  • Intermediate Calculus
  • Intermediate Linear Algebra
  • Basic Linux Command Lines

Why should I enroll?

Sensor fusion engineering is one of the most important and exciting areas of robotics. Sensors like cameras, radar, and lidar help self-driving cars, drones, and all types of robots perceive their environment. Analyzing and fusing this data is fundamental to building an autonomous system. In this Nanodegree program, you will work with camera images, radar signatures, and lidar point clouds to detect and track vehicles and pedestrians. By graduation, you will have an impressive portfolio of projects to demonstrate your skills to employers.
Intel Edge AI for IoT Developers Nanodegree v1.0.0

What jobs will this program prepare me for?

As a Sensor Fusion Engineer, you’ll be equipped to bring value to a wide array of industries and be eligible for many roles. Your opportunities might include roles such as an:
  • Imaging Engineer
  • Sensor Fusion Engineer
  • Perception Engineer
  • Automated Vehicle Engineer
  • Research Engineer
  • Self-Driving Car Engineer
  • Object Tracking Engineer
  • Sensor Engineer
  • System Integration Engineer
  • Depth Engineer

Become a Sensor Fusion Engineer Free Download

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