Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control

Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control

Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control Free Download. Get to know DevOps Development Processes & Source Control with the first course in the AZ-400 certification learning path!

Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control Description

This course is based on a major section of the AZ-400 Certification from Microsoft: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, and includes important fundamental and in-depth lectures and demonstrations on how to start with Azure DevOps. As a foundation to learning all-things Azure DevOps, Author and Instructor Shannon Kuehn will lead you through this course and teach you the following: Modern WordPress Websites 2021 | Elementor & Adobe Photoshop

What:ll you learn

  1. The importance of source control and how to effectively manage and implement it:
  2. Source Control 101
  3. Git
  4. Source Control Systems
  5. Authentication to Git Repos
  6. Git Repo Organization
  7. An overview of Azure DevOps to get you up-to-speed with the service:
  8. Setting up Azure DevOps with Demo Generator
  9. Azure Repos
  10. In-depth demos on Git Credential Manager, Version Control with Azure Repos, Importing/Cloning/Forking/Branching, and Pull Requests
  11. Azure Pipelines
  12. Jenkins and Azure Pipelines Integration
  13. Analyze and Integrate Multi-Stage Files, including:
  14. Deploying Multi-Container Application to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  15. Understanding Parallel Jobs, Build Agents, and Private Agents
  16. Implementing Security for Software Configuration:
  17. Secrets and Certificates
  18. Demonstration on Azure Key Vault and Azure Pipelines
  19. Mobile DevOps & Visual Studio App Center
  20. Mobile Target Devices and Distribution Groups
  21. Public/Private Distribution Groups
  22. Target UI Test Device Sets
  23. Tester Devices for Deployment

This course is for you in you want to:

  • Get the best overview of Azure DevOps from one of the IT industry’s leading technologists
  • Develop a skillset in Azure DevOps, which is becoming more and more sought after as organizations continue to automate processes for faster results
  • Take the AZ-400 certification and are looking for a place to start

Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control Free Download


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