Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced)

Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced)

Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced). An End-to-End Selenium automation framework development course

The curriculum of this course is designed not just by randomly choosing some of the topics what I know, Rather the course has evolved over a period of time (10+ years) by giving training to more than 150,000+ professional (both online and corporate training) and working in automation testing field 13+ years now

Hence the course is much refined version, meaning the course won’t deviate from the topics its meant to be.

The course includes all the source code which we will discuss in the course, hence one must have all the source code required at the end of every section.

Finally, the course is for those, who are very serious about automation testing framework development from complete ground up.

Automation framework development with Selenium C# (Advanced) Description


  • Good understanding of Selenium
  • Good understanding of C# basic and little advanced
  • Good understanding on Specflow and BDD

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand what an automation framework is
  • Choosing right automation framework for your project
  • Building more robust and hybrid automation framework
  • Leveraging the power of C# to build generic framework model
  • Extending the automation framework with Behavioral Driven Development with Specflow
  • Developing an Industry standard framework with complete modularity on framework as well as Application test code

Who this course is for:

  • Will be best suited for one who has good understanding on Selenium basics
  • Who has good understanding on basic/advanced concepts of C#
  • Best for developers and testers who are planning to build automation testing with ground up

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