Automated Software Testing with WebdriverIO [2020]

Automated Software Testing with WebdriverIO [2020]. Learn Next Generation Automated Selenium Testing with Node.js, WebDriverIO v6, Javascript, Mocha, Jenkins, BrowserStack!

Welcome to Automated Software Testing with WebdriverIO in this course we will discuss a complete working/understanding and hands on testing of applications using WebdriverIO framework.

We start from the very basics of WebdriverIO and slowly move to the advanced real world stuff and examples.

Automated Software Testing with WebdriverIO [2020] Description


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Basic test automation knowledge would be awesome
  • Node installed

Automated Software Testing with Python Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Modern Selenium Testing with WebdriverIO with Updates for Latest version v6.0+ !!
  • Learn Automation Framework and Design Patterns
  • Web Automation and Interaction with Elements
  • Learn how to use Babel, Mocha, Chai, BrowserStack and much more
  • Learn CI / CD Integration with Jenkins

Who this course is for:

  • Selenium Testers
  • Manual Testers
  • Test Developers
  • Javascript Developers
  • QA Engineers

Automated Software Testing with WebdriverIO [2020] Free Download

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